Engineering Your Career

We know that work at Contech is challenging. In a good way. So, from the moment you start and every moment onward, we make sure you're prepared and trained for every challenge you’ll face, and empowered for every opportunity you’ll receive. We value you as a worker and as a person, so we help you pursue personal development, advance your career, and impact the entire company.

Our employees encounter unparalleled business experience.  We invest in the satisfaction of our employees to ensure that individuals are provided a variety of career growth opportunities.  You’ll find job specific training, online courses, challenging work, mentoring and plenty of feedback and coaching to support your individual career development with Contech. 

Plus, with a team that values both work dedication and personal relationships, the Contech environment fosters human connections. We don't bring energy just to all those challenges and opportunities. We bring it to our relationships, too, creating an environment that's as enjoyable as it is driven.

Our Team

The Contech team embodies integrity. Just as no engineered solution can function without structural integrity, neither can a team function without individual integrity. We treat each other respectfully, support each other compassionately, and work together however we can, both within our departments and across divisions.

Working from our shared value of integrity, we bring energy, passion, and loyalty to our workplace. The Contech team looks forward to each challenge and rises to meet it collaboratively. We enjoy the diligence and commitment required to complete our work, and we also enjoy the atmosphere of working together, with diverse interests, personalities, and backgrounds.

Our teamwork extends past the workplace. We just don't bring energy to our jobs, we bring it to our relationships, too, creating an environment that's as enjoyable as it is driven, forging friendships beyond our projects. The balance between labor and fun is an essential part of working at Contech.